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Stereo Camera Prototype

A stereo camera prototype was developed with similar parameters to the Mars 2020 PanCam. The prototype uses a raspberry pi for remote operation and was used as a test platform to develop algorithms.

Stereo Vision Results

Several algorithms were developed involving stereo vision. These included

  • image acquisition,

  • stereo correspondence,

  • point cloud generation,

  • digital elevation map generation,

  • and localization of camera.

Aerial Mapping Results

Aerial mapping support was also conducted on several astronaut analogue campaigns. One major campaign was at HI SEAS, Mauna Loa, Hawaii in June 2018. Another similar campaign using CCTV cameras took place for a lunar simulation mission at LUNARES, Poland in August 2018.

Research Presentations

Presentations on research results were conducted at ESTEC ESA in July 2018 and the Montreal Space Symposium in October 2018.

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